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And, of course, if the line doesn't contain this unwelcome slash, and already reads like the example above, do nothing. Except maybe thank Apple for fixing their bug. And finally, we are now going to add three custom lines to this document. Red arrows in the picture below indicate where these lines should go. The three lines you'll be adding are: Now close the window of this " com. Okay, one more text file needs to be edited with TextEdit.

Back in your Terminal. Enter the following two lines of text into this file make sure to press return after the second line: If you are using private IP addressing other than Now, just a couple more commands in Terminal. Enter this command as a single line into your Terminal. Well done. You can now close your Terminal. Okay, you have now set up NAT and routing for your private network. The last piece of the puzzle on the server will be to configure and enable VPN service. Before you proceed, though: We'll wait Now that you have restarted your server, let's continue.

How to setup VPN on OSX + Free US VPN Services/Clients to access restricted sites

First, open Server. Several default settings here are already in place as we'd want them, so we'll just edit a few. Enter your Shared Secret as desired: Instead, change this to If you are using an alternate private network, customize the above appropriately. Press "OK" and we're back here: If you are using an alternate private network, or have different needs in terms of address pool size, customize appropriately. Press "OK" and you will likely see the following warning: Since this won't actually be a problem, breathe easy, and press "Continue".

Symptoms or Error

Now once again, we're back here: Switch the VPN service on: Wait about 30 seconds for the VPN service to become fully active, and your Mac mini server should now be ready to serve VPN clients and optionally, if you completed Part II route their public internet traffic over its connection. Client Setup. Now that your server's VPN is configured, enabled, and optionally ready to route public internet traffic for its clients, you may want a little guidance on how best to configure a client.

Let's set up a Mountain Lion client as an example. Press "Create", and then make sure your new VPN is selected in the sidebar on the left, so you can edit its details on the right: In the "Account Name" field, enter the username for the account on the server that you want to use to log in from the client. Press "Authentication Settings Enter the Password for the account you just specified, and the Shared Secret exactly as you set it up on the server. Press "OK", and you are back to: Now press "Advanced If you chose to complete optional "Part II: Internet Routing" section earlier: Then check the option to "Send all traffic over VPN connection" so that your client will, um, send all its traffic including public internet-bound traffic over the VPN when the VPN connection is active.

Otherwise, if you skipped the optional "Part II: Internet Routing" section, make sure to un-check "Send all traffic over VPN connection" unlike the picture above. Select Always Trust in the drop down menu labeled When using this certificate.

SSL-VPN: Mac OS X Mountain Lion and NetExtender | SonicWall

Close the pop-up window. Click the triangle to the left of Trust in the pop-up window. Enter your computer's administrator username and password. Quit the Keychain Access application. Go to System Preferences. Click Create. Select the newly created VPN connection on the left. Type in one of the following server addresses in the Server Address field:. Then, type your Giganews Username e-mail address in the Account Name field.

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Next, click Authentication Settings. Enter your Giganews Password in the Password field. Under Machine Authentication , click the radial button for Certificate.

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  • Click the Select button. United States. Features Why Giganews? Sign Up.

    VPN Tracker - Protect your data with the leading Mac VPN client

    In the 'Keychains' section on the left, click System. Click the category labeled Certificates found on the left. Click the Access Control button at the top of the pop-up window.